Porsche 996 GT2

Price: 98.000,00€

First Title: 2001/10

Horsepower: 3600Cc / 462Hp

Doors: 2

Number of Titles: 1

Fuel: Gasoline

Seats: 2

Kilometres: 206.000 Km

Gearbox Type: Manual

Warranty: 12 Months

In 1999, the 993 was replaced by the new model 996. It would take two years to arrive a new model GT2; Developed primarily as a road car, in contrast to its predecessor, the new GT2 featured a version with two turbochargers of the 3.6-liter (220-cubic-foot) GT3 engine. It generates a maximum power of 462 hp. Like the 993 GT2, its chassis differed significantly from the other 996; the main differences included wider flaps, a more aggressive nose and a large rear wing. According to road tests conducted by Car and Driver magazine, the GT2 suffers from almost no turbo lag. Despite a reduction of 10mm at the height of the 911 Turbo, the drag coefficient is slightly higher - 0.34 Cd vs. the Turbo 0.33 due to the fixed rear wing.

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