Cadillac Escalade Platinum Esv

Price: 160.000,00€

First Title: 2017/10

Horsepower: 6749Cc / 460Hp

Doors: 5

Number of Titles: 1

Fuel: Gasoline

Seats: 7

Kilometres: 2.500km

Gearbox type: Automatic

Origin: Portuguese

Warranty: 12 Months

Cadillac Escalade Platinum is the most luxurious version from Cadillac. This version is a lot more economic than previous ones due to a new system that enables it to only use 4 cylinders up to a certain speed. This vehicle came brand new to Portugal and is a new European Version!

Extras: Stirrups that come up when doors are closed, front seat massages, wireless charging, backdoor camera in rear-view mirror, fridge, toe-truck ball, open celling function, 360º camera system, 3 seats with  power plugs, celling bars, DVD system and lightweight 22 inch rims!

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